Mains Co. always utilizes the best power cleaning practices for your home. Our “soft wash” techniques protect paint and roofs and our hot-water systems remove hard stains.

Squeaky clean & risk free.

• Utilizing a “soft washing process”, Mains Co. uses cleaning solutions and detergents to clean the roof without the harmful effects of high pressure (cracked tiles and roof leaks).

• Mains Co. guarantees that your roof will stay clean for a minimum of 2 years.

• Mains Co. takes many precautions to protect your landscaping during the roof cleaning process. We rinse plants prior to cleaning, cover the landscaping with tarps while cleaning solution is applied, remove tarps and then rinse the landscaping again.

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Mains Co Dock Cleaning

Looking good has never been easier.

• Mains Co. always adjusts the water pressure used to meet the needs of the the surface being cleaned.

•  Mains Co. also applies cleaning solutions that help keep mold and mildew from reappearing as quickly as occurs with other cleaning techniques.

Easy on paint, tough on stains.

Our power cleaning practices protect your paint and exterior surfaces by using a “soft wash” technique that uses cleaners and detergents to clean mold and mildew rather than applying 4000 psi to surfaces (which is how much force an average pressure cleaner generates).

Mains Co Residential


Residential Pressure Cleaning Services in Vero Beach, Fort Pierce & Surrounding areas.

“I have used Mains Co. to pressure wash my house and clean my driveway. My house looks beautiful. The Mains Co. team is courteous, always on time, proud of their work and thorough. Also, they made sure to protect my plants and grass from the chemicals. I already scheduled to have my roof done.”

Nathalie S.

Vero Beach

“We had a very positive experience with Mains Co. who cleaned our roof, driveway, and removed rust marks on our outside walls caused by our irrigation system. … They arrived on time, were dressed neatly, and proceeded to work in a quiet and professional manner. When they left our house looked like it was a brand-new home. I would definitely recommend them and will not hesitate to engage them again in the future.”

Winston B.

Vero Beach

“They did a beautiful job on my roof and house! Very detail oriented, top-notch equipment, very punctual and great communication.”

Kimberly P.

Vero Beach

“Prompt next day service! Cleaned our roof and driveway with amazing results! Very reasonable. Would use again!”

Mary O.

Vero Beach

“They were very professional and there was no mess.  I loved the process they used because it’s not harmful to pets, plants or grass.”

Linda G.

Fort Pierce

“Our home is on the ocean with plenty of salt overspray. Cleaned BEAUTIFULLY from the 1st floor to the 3rd floor!”

Patti M.

John's Island

Proudly Power Washing Vero Beach, Fort Pierce, and surrounding areas.

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